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The resurgence of vintage road bikes

All our categories can be found in the sub-menu below — clicking on the category you want look at will get you directly to that page. A problem with all frames measured ctt is that the top measuring point varies from maker to maker and I try and second guess where the maker intended his measurement to be to — some mean top of top top tube, others the very top of the seat lug, and others to the seat lug top line…. Fashion plays a great part in frame design and sizing.

In the early years of the 20th century frames were sized as large as possible with virtually no seatpost showing … by contrast riders were advised in the s to have as small a frame as possible. Towards the end of the s larger frame sizes became fashionable — up to 2cm larger than a modern frame.

Holdsworth Mistral dating from in lovely British Racing Green * Steel frame with Campagnolo drop outs. * Shimano Front and Rear Mech * Brooks.

Forum Rules. Get the latest roadbike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Login Register. Remember Me? Evans – not exactly sure of the vintage. Results 1 to 18 of Thread: F. Evans – not exactly sure of the vintage Greetings, I have this F. Evans that appears to be older, but I quite honestly cannot find much information regarding these frames online.

All I can ascertain is that it comes from the oldest bike builders in the U. Searching online retrieves only a few bikes that are either the limited production frames that were made a few years back or frames from the early 60’s and older. I am not entirely sure with what I’m dealing with here. The frame has been resprayed, so the decals are not original. Pulling the bottom bracket Campagnolo and looking inside looks like the frame is authentically brazed, though I digress- I have novice eyes when it comes to such things.

Holdsworth Frame Numbers

Riding a beautifully balanced, handmade, lugged steel frame is a pleasure that need not cost a fortune. And it’s one that’s getting more popular by the day as I look round the teeming streets of London. They’re almost becoming a fashion statement. One of the great delights of the new bike boom is that cyclists are rediscovering the heritage of steel frames built here in England.

Once upon a time we were home to the best artisan builders in the world. But the classic names that thrived in the s – Gillot, Thanet, Holdsworth, Ephgrave – were all but wiped out by the spread of car ownership and later by cheap Far Eastern imports.

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Holdsworth is a bicycle manufacturer in London , England. The shop mechanic, Jack Capeling, made the first Holdsworth frames there around the end of the s, using a shed behind the building. Holdsworth’s wife, Margaret, came from a family in the clothing business. The clothing background appears relevant because Holdsworth began advertising cycling garments and shoes under the brand name Worthy. The company was better regarded for clothes than for frames until the arrival in of an established frame-builder, Bill Hurlow.

Hurlow arrived at the time of an internal dispute, which led the manager, Owen Bryars, to open a rival shop across the road, and another in Beckenham, south London.

The company was better regarded for clothes than for frames until the arrival in of an established frame-builder, Bill Hurlow. Hurlow arrived at the time of an​.

If there is one notable feature to the vintage lightweight racing bicycle market it is the variability of prices. Often, that is the result of a lack of market information. If somebody were to call a few people who deal in vintage lightweights, or perhaps ask a VRBN subscriber, then they would have a reasonable amount of market knowledge. Instead, many buyers and sellers enter the market only once – i. In such a circumstance, the price it is advertised at may be far below current market levels.

Sometimes, though, they make the opposite mistake. If an older bike is well abused but the seller thinks it is a much better bike than it really is, then the price may be way too high. Such a mistake is common with production bikes that were originally expensive but in reality were rather mediocre. Prices also vary considerably even when buyers and sellers are well versed in the field. That is because the market is so thin. With relatively few buyers and sellers, a market transaction depends upon the perfect alignment of a perhaps reluctant seller and a cautious buyer.

This is more pronounced when the item is more scarce.

Holdsworth Competition review

Right: Hurricane with Nervex Lugs. Seat cluster on this frame with sculpted seat stay eyes. Bottom bracket cluster with short spears. Lugless bottom bracket cleaned and filed to perfection. Seat cluster with sculpted seat stay eyes, brake cable bridge and seat clip. Images of Cyclone seen above.

I have been collecting Holdsworth Frame numbers for a while to try and assists in the dating of frame/bikes. As I am new to this forum I have.

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1 Bateman Street (, Holdsworth House) is a two storey Federation Filigree style The house is constructed in timber frame and clad with weatherboards. Those dating from the pre Gold Boom period are , and 24 Ord Street, and 8​.

I heard nothing about Claud Butler as I got into cycling in America. I first saw them on the Berlin Steel Vintage Bikes site. When I saw a “later” CB, I did a triple-take. Nothing about the design suggested the CBs of decades past. It is surprising how light some of these old frames can be when built up with the right components. I built up a ’75 Motobecane Grand Jubile mixte for a girlfriend.

It’s one of the only Reynolds mixtes I’ve ever seen. With Velo Orange french-threaded headset and BB, vintage Belleri porteur handlebars, Stronglight 49d cranks, a Suntour Cyclone RD, and a 1×5 downtube shifted drivetrain, it was astonishingly light — even with a fat Brooks saddle in back and a basket up front. For some reason I was aware of Claud Butler very early on I have seen some truly beautiful Motobecane Grand Jubile mixte rebuilts.

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Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Dating Holdsworth -fancy lugs Nervex Copies?

++SOLD++ Holdsworth Mistral Frame & Forks Dating from the late seventies-​early eighties Height: 57 cm c-t; Top tube 57 cm c-c. Reynolds

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Is it Holdsworth or Major Nichols (1960s)?

Holdsworth is a bike brand with a prestigious history. Dating back to and based in Putney, South London, it was one of the most prestigious bike brands in its time. In more recent years the brand has been reborn through online bike retailer Planet X, which revitalised the name by releasing a series of updated frames, including the Competition we have on test here.

Hand-built using Columbus Spirit SL steel, the tubing is far from being simply round, with an almost octagonal down tube and shaped seatstays, and is triple-butted — thicker at the ends where more strength is required, thinner in the middle to reduce weight. It might not be a true classic, but it looks fantastic. The only small extra we would like to see is a metal head badge, giving a further nod to the heritage of the brand.

Philip Holdsworth. SPUR ( 68 and 69) BMA ELLIS Probably Scottish, late 13th to early 14th century. This is an early rowel spur with an attachment for the.

In the world of vintage bicycles, there are a numbers of ways to say so long. A frame may be involved in a crash, rendering it damaged beyond repair. An reliable old friend may be sold and the relationship ended. Or, such as this case, what was once a high-end frame adorned with flawless, vibrant paint, razor sharp decals and expertly done lug lining, has now decayed into only a shell of what once was on the outside.

It has been said that the honesty of wear is a robe to wear with pride. And sometimes, this is the case. Large portions of exposed metal, cracked and heavily worn decals, barely readable and significant surface rust are all fairly good indicators it may be time to wipe the slate clean. Some hang on to the history though. And those who do this deep restoration, I can respect for the painstaking amount of work applied.

Beginning by gently cleaning the entire frame with only the mildest of soaps and softest of sponges dipped in warm water. Being more delicate than a mother is when she sponges off her child. These warriors I admire but for this wonderful frame, as painful as it is, I must say goodbye.

1974 Holdsworth Super Mistral (Part I)

The precinct is rare as an intact group of Federation period residences. The early owners and developers of the precinct were prominent Fremantle businessmen Lionel Holdsworth expiree, accountant and mercantile clerk and Henry Dixson tobacco merchant. The precinct contributes to the Fremantle community’s sense of place through its distinctive streetscape.

The houses between 20 and 24 Ord Street have strong landmark qualities as fine two-storey examples of Federation Filigree architecture, accentuated by their location above street level. The precinct contains a rare collection of fine Federation Filigree style residences.

in gothic style date indicates approximate period of firm’s activity H.M.S. without frame, unidentified. HOBNOB, Clifton &Co Ltd – Sheffield – HOLDSWORTH over & SONS, Henry Holdsworth & Sons – HOLE besides a.

And the riders wear long shorts and caps, not helmets. It has helped to fuel a resurgence of interest in vintage road bikes that sees eBay and cycling forums buzzing, and a new generation of old-tech specialists. Many have jumped on the Bradley Wiggins-inspired cycling upsurge, and are now looking for something different, to supplement their modern road bikes. The older the bike the more interesting it is to ride, but until the s they have a very limited range of gears, so the early bikes are really for the hardnut enthusiasts.

Brian digs out three very different bikes from his mind-boggling stock to demonstrate his point. Next up, a green and yellow Dabro, one of just 12 bikes hand-made by the Davis Brothers in Chelmsford, Essex. Ah yes, the Hetchings. A review of the Chinese online fashion giant from the perspective of a slow-fashion writer.

Holdsworth Zephyr Frame